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    Blueskies on an Autumn Day

Often landscapes will leave the realm of Expressionism, and deal with color, shape and design.  Thus, they become abstract... music without words and open to personal interpretation.

My application of color emphasizes form, creates harmony and evokes emotions.


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My work is not so much influenced by the happenings of the world, but rather reflect my inner feelings and thoughts.

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Being part of the Arts

Being part of several art organizations, allows me to utilize all the tools I have to think outside of the box.  Exhibitions are limited in 2021, but we have so many innovative ways to explore and connect through the internet. 

We have entered in a new age, but it that still does not compare to the smell, feelings and touches of a piece of artwork viewed in person.  And, if you're very fortunate you'll get to meet and get more insight on an artist.

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