Modern art is more ​than just a passion.

As a  landscape painter, my favorite subjects are mountains, trees, islands and deserts. Nature provides the picture. The paintings do not replicate nature; they transform it. The application of color emphasizes form, creates harmony in non-harmonious subjects, evokes emotions, and intensifies the images created. 


The abstractions  creates reflect and fascination with form. This fascination emanates from early exposure to landscape and cityscape's while in Hawaii, New York, Paris and Athens. The imagery captures the visual essence of the subject.

The journey started here

"My introduction to art began while living in Hawaii in the 70"s.  It was the romantic and lush landscapes that inspired me to begin a career in painting.  My travels to distant lands have always influenced my works.   My landscape paintings are defined by simplicity of form and vibrancy of color.  Nature provides the image that is then transformed and interpreted in an Expressionistic way.   My paintings sometimes show the influence of the German Expressionists and I was moved by many of their paintings in Munich.  Often the landscapes will leave the realm of Expressionism and deal with color, shape and design…Thus they become Abstract...Music without words."